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Death Risk with Heart Problems Differs by Gender
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Women may be more likely to die after a heart attack than men,

What is meant by climatic therapy?
All the climatic factors available in addition to bathing in the Dead Sea water (Thalassotherapic) is called climatic more...

Dentistry Pharmacy

Now that my child is old enough to brush on his own what should I look out for?
It is important that parents practice good oral health so children will, hopefully, recognize the value of it early more...

What is antibiotic resistance?
Since the 1940s, antibiotics have been the cornerstones of infectious disease therapy. Their remarkable healing power more...

Beauty Herbal & AromaTherapy

Follow these instructions for best result of doing Pedicures at home

What Is Cinnamon Used for Today?
Germany’s Commission E approves cinnamon for appetite loss and indigestion; however, these uses are backed by very little more...

Diet & Fitness What you need...   to know

Did You Know?
A child's fitness and health is a function of his or her relationship with food and exercise, not of his or her weight, more...


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Are You interested to promote your self @ Yemen, Bahrain, Sudan, Libya & Arbeel?
Severe stress in pregnancy may affect fetal growth
Weight loss may cut risk of colorectal growths
Flu shot does not cut risk of death in elderly
Low Levels of Brain Chemical May Control Appetite
Most Patients With Irregular Heartbeat Take Inadequate Blood Thinner Dose
Wearing an underwire bra increases your risk of getting breast cancer
Businesswomen from Uganda and Ghana were second and third as Jordanian entrepreneur takes first prize at UNCTAD’s debut women in business awards
Jordanian Woman Wins First Prize: Sana Burgan
"Concept, Indication and Handling of the Friadent Implant System Xive" courses will be held in Jordan Soon

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