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    What you will need…

    Foundation First…

    Make sure you put your make-up on in an area with good light.

    The best way to get a great finish for your make-up is to use a good moisturizer. Use one which suits your skin type, this way it will act as a great base for your make-up.

    When applying foundation, put some in your palm and use a sponge to apply it to your face for even coverage. Start in the middle of your face and blend outwards towards the edges. Always ensure that the make-up is blended over the jaw line to avoid the dreaded ‘line’. Do not forget to apply your make-up to your eyelids. This will enable the eye shadow to stay on longer. The foundation should look smooth and well blended - not too thick, but with no patches either.

    Always apply a translucent powder to ‘set’ the foundation.

    Luscious Eyes…

    Once your foundation is how you want it, apply your eyebrow pencil. Do not go overboard with this as it can look quite fake. But your eyebrows should be defined as this acts as a frame for your face. The color of the eyebrow pencil should be reasonable close to the color of your natural hair color.

    Use eyeliner if you want a more dramatic look but be very careful, as you do not want it to look like you have lines around your eyes. If you are in doubt, see a beautician at a pharmacist for some expert advice. Be sure to have understated lips if your eyes are dramatic and vice versa.

    Before you use your mascara, wipe the brush on a tissue to stop it from clumping on your lashes.

    Apply the mascara from the roots of the lashes to the tip. Let dry, and reapply if necessary. Don’t apply more than 2 coats as your lashes will look too thick and may clump together.


    Apply blush under the contours of your cheekbones to get an angled or contoured look. Stick with more natural colors so that you don’t end up looking like a clown. A little of this does go a long way.

    If there are any areas that need touching up (if you slipped with your mascara for example) just apply a very small amount of concealer.

    Ensure that all the colors on your face match. Pinks usually do not go with reds.

    Great Lips…

    Always use a lip liner to outline the lips and stops the bleeding that can sometimes happen with certain lipsticks. Also make sure you use a sharp lip pencil so the outline looks well defined.

    Choose a lip liner that matches your lipstick well. A very dark liner with a light lipstick does not look attractive. Also your nail polish should match these.

    When using a lip brush, brush onto lipstick a few times and then onto the lips. Be sure to get an even coverage on the lips.

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