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Treat a Human Bite

Since human oral flora harbors more pathogens than that of animals, people bites have a higher incidence of serious infections and complications.


1. Clean the wound immediately with soap and water, rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.
2. Put pressure on the wound to stop bleeding
3. Hold the wound above your heart if the bite is on your hand or arm.
4. Place a clean bandage over the wound
5. Assess the wound for signs of infection: unusual redness or swelling, increasing warmth in the area, red streaking, fever.


  • Viruses such as HIV and hepatitis can be transmitted by a human bite. Check the status of the person who bit you.
  • See a doctor if you were bitten on the face and the skin is broken.
  • If symptoms persist or if you have specific medical conditions or concerns, we recommend you contact a physician. This information is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment.

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