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Tips To Rememnber About Allergy

  • Allergies are common in children.
  • Many childhood problems are made worse by allergies.
  • Treating your child’s allergies will make them happier and healthier.
  • Allergies may lead to ear infection and decreased hearing.
  • Children may inherit the tendency to become allergic from their parents.
  • Hay fever, known as allergic rhinitis, is the most common of all allergy problems.
  • Allergy problems may occur at certain time of the year or year-round.
  • Early detection of allergic problems in your child will improve their quality of life, decrease missed school days, and keep you at work.
  • Allergies can show up in different ways in children. Some children get skin rashes, some develop asthma and some get hay fever.
  • Your child’s stuffed animals can collect dust mites causing sneezing and itching of the nose and eyes. Always buy washable stuffed animals and wash them often in hot water to remove the mites.
  • Vacuuming can remove other allergens such as house dust, animal dander and pollen.

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