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Every town, large and small, has at least one pharmacy, generally staffed by Western-trained, fluent English-speaking professionals. Unless you're obviously a hospital case, these are where you should head first, since a pharmacist charges nothing for a "consultation", and can either prescribe a remedy on the spot or refer you to a local doctor If you're given a medicine, find out explicitly from the pharmacist what the dosage is, since printed English information on the box might be sketchy.

If you need a doctor in Amman, you can ask us to recommend you one. Elsewhere, either ask a pharmacist for a recommendation or take your chances by popping into surgery from the street. But don’t ask a taxi driver or receptionist. All medical training in Jordan is in English, and so all doctors are fluent; If many also received training in hospitals in the UK or the US If you're in real trouble, aim for the emergency room of a hospital; all large towns have them. If you need to be hospitalized for anything more than overnight, call us for advice. Standards of medical hygiene in giving injections and blood transfusions are as scrupulously high as in the West. Consultation fees and medical costs are much lower than West, but you should still get signed receipts for every thing in order to claim money back from your insurance company when you return.

If you have any doubts about the fee of the doctor or hospital you can send us your invoice or claim either by fax or email to our offices where we will take all the necessary actions to help you, In case you want to set a claim about your therapist or hospital for inadequate therapy or fees, you have to send your claim in person to the Jordanian Medical association found in shmiesani (Tel: 06 5665620) where you have to submit a copy of your passport and pay the fee for this claim which is JD 5.

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