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The Jordanian unit of currency is the dinar, abbreviated to JD. Its exchange rate is pegged to the dollar at US$1=JD0.709; the current rate against sterling is £1=JDl.130.

Banknotes in circulation are JD20, JD10, JD5, JD l and JD 0.5, all with Arabic on one side and English on the other. If you can, try not to get lumbered with too many JD l0 and JD 20 notes - this is a lot of money to most Jordanians, and many ordinary places won't be able to give you change. Even when you do get change, trying to figure out the coinage is a real headache. Large seven-sided gold one-dinar, half-dinar and quarter-dinar coins were introduced recently to replace some of the paper money; however, for some reason they're all similar sizes, and even locals have to squint hard to see which one they're holding. Thick, seven-sided silver half- dinar coins and big, round silver quarter-dinars also do the rounds occasionally Otherwise, the most common coins are 100 fils and 50 fils, and - worth exactly the same -ten piastres and five piastres, all of which are silver Tiny 25 fils and two-and-a-half piastre coins, and copper ten fils and one piastre coins, are virtually worthless All coins state their value on them somewhere in tiny English words

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