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If you're buying travelers' cheques it pays to get a selection of denominations. Make sure to keep the purchase agreement and a record of cheques serial numbers safe and separate from the cheques themselves. In the event that cheques are lost or stolen, the issuing company will expect you to report the loss immediately to their office in Amman; most companies claim to replace lost or stolen cheques within 24 hours. American Express are the most widely accepted brand in the Middle East, but you should have few problems with other major brands Although the US dollar is king throughout the region, in Jordan -unlike Egypt or Syria -travelers' cheques in British pounds and major European currencies are universally acceptable.

In Jordan, all banks will change travelers' cheques in major currencies, but their procedures can be long-winded and they sometimes charge commissions or insist on seeing the cheques' or proof of purchase; most exchange bureaux in Amman, Petra and Aqaba will deal with cheques with considerably less hassle. Bear in mind also that you'll get a slightly worse exchange rate for travelers' cheques than for cash.

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