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It's quite feasible -and not overly foolhardy –to drive from neighboring countries to Jordan. although the expense and the amount of necessary preparation is enough to put off all the but most committed. The major bind is that to drive outside your country you need a carnet de passage, an internationally recognized customs document entitling you to temporarily import a vehicle duty-free into countries which normally require a deposit to be paid against import charges, and in order to take on this responsibility, they'll require you to meet a number of conditions, including giving a bank guarantee or indemnity with an insurance company and a cash deposit. Miss a stamp at any point in your journey, and you'll be held liable for a list of customs duties as long as your arm.

The most common route from Europe into the Middle East is overland through Turkey and
Syria, although it's equally possible to hop a ferry from Greece to Cyprus and another from there to Israel. Turkey and Israel are both pretty picky about Garnels, but many travelers have reported entering and exiting Syria -and even Jordan - without one Beyond Jordan, you can take the ferry into Egypt, or -with sufficient visa organization in advance -head overland through Saudi Arabia to Yemen or the Gulf coast Many drivers visit Jordan as part of a journey towards India, but the only way to get around Iraq is to return north to Turkey in order to cross into Iran.

You can drive into Jordan in a private, foreigner registered car at all land-border crossing-points except King Hussein (Allenby) Bridge from the West Bank (only Jordanian- and Israeli-registered cars can cross here). Buying third-party insurance when you cross is obligatory, and all insurance companies in Jordan are under an umbrella organization which eliminates price In competition Costs vary depending on the vehicle (they’re posted on the wall in English for one month/three months, insurance for a small car costs JD33, for a motorbike JD16.

Also obligatory when you cross is purchase of a license to drive in Jordan, at JD7 You must present your Garnet when you cross, but if you're entering Jordan from Israel and want to travel on lid to Syria or Saudi Arabia (which refuse entry to it those bearing evidence of a visit to Israel), you can request both your passport and your Garnet not to be stamped; exit customs are aware of these rule-bending.

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