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The Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company Ltd - with its distinctive red snowflake logo -has a monopoly on petrol sales around the country, with most towns having at least one small, petrol station. All of them have attendants to do out the work for you -either hand over your dinars before he starts, or just ask for "full".

Low-octane regular is a standard 221 fils per liter, high-octane super 301 it's fils, almost always cash only (barely take Visa) Most rental agencies will tell you to fill up with super; but it's rarely found out-side Amman; Wadi Musa, Aqaba and the Amman-Irbid road are the only places you can rely on it.
Diesel is available only rarely, and there are, in theory, five stations in Jordan selling unleaded.

Virtually all towns, big and small, have some form of repair workshop; entire neighborhoods devoted to vehicle repairs can be found in Amman (especially on the truck routes to the south and east), Irbid (on the road to Umm Dais), Aqaba (northeast sector of town) and Azraq (everywhere) Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai and Mercedes are the best-known brands, though people drive everything from Beetles to Buicks and mechanics will attempt to fix anything. Parts can generally be ordered if not in stock (or if the mechanic can't jerry something together), and labor charges are significantly cheaper than in the West. In the case of an accident, you'll need a full written report from the police and from the first doctor on the scene that treated any injuries in order to claim costs back from the insurance company

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