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Drugs are nothing like as prevalent in Jordan as they are in Egypt or Lebanon, and it's highly unlikely, even if you go looking for it, that you'll come across any hashish, let alone anything more powerful. The country is principally a transit route for drugs rather than a consumers' marker desert smuggling routes lead from Syria through Jordan into the lucrative drug markets of Israel, Egypt and the Gulf states.

If you choose to seek out and use drugs while in Jordan, be aware that there's no tradition of smoking hash in Jordanian culture, as there is (or was) in Egypt -use of the stuff, and all other drugs, is unquestionably beyond the pale, officially legally and in popular thinking. By indulging, you expose yourself to the exceptionally severe penalties that exist for possession, use or trafficking, should expect no quarter from the authorities or your embassy if you're caught Jordanian jails are notoriously unpleasant, even for the Middle East.

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