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Jordan is not the back of beyond, and most normal travel items can be found in the flashier parts of Amman (if not else- where). However, it pays to bring with you a few choice bits and bobs to ease the way. The following are some ideas, ranked in order of importance.

  • Anything to keep the sun off your head and neck: hat, headscarf, even a collapsible umbrella. In the intense heat of Petra or Rum, soaking your of hat/scarf in water and then sticking it on your head is a great way to cool off
  • Lightweight light-colored cotton clothes that protect your skin from the sun long-sleeved shirts, long trousers, ankle-length skirts). These keep you much cooler than a T-shirt and shorts, and also inspire less ridicule Bear in mind, though, that the desert at night can be chilly and that, outside the high summer months, nights in Amman, Petra and Dana can be positively bitter a sweater is a necessity whenever you arrive. If you're in Jordan between November and March, 's you'll need proper warm and waterproof winter gear.
  • Water bottle or canteen (or carry plastic mineral-water bottles for refilling) A cool bottle is also handy to keep juice or water at refreshing temperatures in the desert.
  • Total sun block, sweat proof (you'll still tan, even through Factor 40).
  • Mosquito repellent (Rum has no mozzies, Petra and Aqaba a few, Amman enough in summer to be annoying)
  • Talcum powder (to ease sweaty chafing).
  • Multi-vitamin and mineral tablets
  • Torch/flashlight (for exploring ruins and camping in the desert)
  • Sheet sleeping bag (or proper sleeping bag in winter).
  • Whistle and pocket mirror (in case you need to attract attention in remote spots).

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