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    Within Jordan, the government monitors all official tourist guides and gives accreditation in three categories based on an annual written exam Guides who have been awarded and Category A status are deemed to be knowledgeable enough to guide visitors around all sites - nationwide Category B implies specialist knowledge of certain major sites only, while Category C guides are permitted to give information only about one particular site. The Downtown Visitors' Center in Amman keeps the official Ministry of Tourism list to all registered guides in the country, with accreditation details and contact phone numbers. All guides must show their laminated photo-ID card at all times, and all of them also carry a "Tourist Guide License" showing expiry date and accreditation category, which they must produce on demand. The upshot of this rigorous system is effectively to eliminate hustlers from tourist sites, ensuring that someone who holds official ID and, claims to be a guide does genuinely know his stuff -some guides hold advanced university degrees in two ancient history, most speak two or three languages, and virtually all have put in time on archeological digs in Jordan or elsewhere. Payment, though, is entirely negotiable The lave going rate for a Category A guide to accompany if you around the country is JD30-35 a day, excluding transport (negotiable) and his meals and accommodation (which amount to another JD25 own or so) A local guide (who may be Category A any way) hired once you arrive at a site should be paid at least JD4/hr The standard rate at Amman and Jerash is about JD5/hr, at Petra JD8/hr. Tips are always optional.

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