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    A child's fitness and health is a function of his or her relationship with food and exercise, not of his or her weight, size, or personal appearance.

    Did You Know?
  • Dieting is the worst way to lose weight
  • Not all anorexics are thin, and that anorexics can and do eat
  • Eating disorders are a misuse of food to resolve emotional problems
  • Fat-free eating is not healthy eating
  • When children restrict food in their early years, they are greatly risk to become overweight adults.
  • Most fashion models are thinner than 98% of Americans
  • To lose weight effectively, eat healthfully, not less
  • 95% of dieters regain their lost weight within one to five years

    Many Kids Are
  • Confused about what healthy eating is; often their parents are similarly confused.
  • Frightened of food; many prefer not to eat healthfully for fear that nutritious foods will make them fat. They see food as the enemy.
  • Worried about their weight; many kids with lean, fit bodies fear that they are fat. A lot of kids who are overweight do not understand why, nor do they know what to do differently to become healthier eaters and more physically fit individuals.

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