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      Dry Mouth

      What Is the Major Cause of Dry Mouth?

      The major cause of dry mouth is prescription drugs. In fact, over 500 medications list dry mouth as a possible side effect.

      What Else Can Cause Dry Mouth?
      Dry mouth can also be a result of age, caffeine, alcohol, diabetes, leukemia, Sjogrens Syndrome, head and neck radiation and salivary gland diseases.

      Is Dry Mouth Serious?
      It can be serious depending on the severity of dry mouth. A dry mouth can alter taste, cause bad breath, lead to increased cavities and gum disease, make dentures less stable, and cause the tissues in your mouth to become red, inflamed and sore, making them more susceptible to infection.

      What Can I Do to Prevent Problems?

        Talk to your physician to see if a medication can be changed.
        Increase fluid intake.
        Use a saliva stimulant such as a lozenge.
        Brush and floss regularly.
        Use a fluoride mouth rinse.
        See your dentist regularly so problems can be diagnosed early.

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