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    In the morning chaos of trying to get out the door on time, wouldn’t it be nice to skip the whole makeup thing and still look great? Enter cosmetic tattooing. It could save you some extra minutes (and money in the long run), and the post-procedure swelling and bruising are temporary. Yet tattooing isn’t problem-free.

    Unsterile equipment can cause an infection and transmit bloodborne illnesses like hepatitis, says Robin Ashinoff, M.D., chief of dermatologic and laser surgery at New York University Medical Center. In addition, the color could bleed into surrounding skin, or you could have an allergic reaction to the pigments. Tattoos also fade with age: eyebrows in about four years, eyeliner in about seven, lips in about 10. But they don’t disappear completely, so you’d better love the way you look. And they’re pricier than a new brow pencil.

    Still interested in never again scouring stores for eyeliner? Then ask dermatologists or plastic surgeons to recommend doctors, cosmetologists, or tattoo artists who are trained in permanent-makeup application. When you get there, make sure the equipment is sterile, and ask that they use only iron oxide pigments, which most people aren’t allergic to.

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