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    Are fitness centers equipped to handle medical emergencies?

    Your gym may provide you with the tools to tone, but is it equipped to handle a medical emergency? Researchers randomly surveyed more than 100 fitness centers and found that 28% fail to conduct pre-entry screenings of their members (a practice recommended by the American Heart Association), which can identify those with health trouble. What’s worse, a whopping 92% of health clubs in the survey never conduct emergency practice drills, and 60% have no written emergency-response plan.

    Portable defibrillators, which can shock the heart back to a normal rhythm, are cropping up in shopping malls and airports, yet only 3% of the clubs surveyed had one on hand. The Heartstream FR2 is a portable defibrillator that is being used in airports, stadiums, and even at the top of high-altitude ski lifts to provide on-the-spot emergency defibrillation to people suffering from cardiac arrest.

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