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    You are enjoying nursing your little one and suddenly you are noticing some strange body signals. Your nipples are hurting quite a bit, even though you have been careful about positioning and more. You are very moody, more tired than usual, and are ravenous yet your tummy is upset.

    Yes, you are pregnant. How will this affect your nursing experience with your current nursling?

    It doesn't have to change very much at all IF that is your choice. Your doctor may tell you that it is necessary that you wean your child. This is very rarely due to any health reason. Some mothers who have had previous trouble with premature labor may be encouraged to wean because the hormones from nursing can cause early contractions, but this is very rare.

    Nursing through a pregnancy and beyond takes determination and information. Just knowing that other moms have done this or are doing it can make a huge difference to a mom who has been shocked by news of her own pregnancy.

    But weaning your bigger child is also an option. This is completely up to YOU and your NURSLING. Some moms just feel they are not cut out for nursing two children or they find the discomfort and exhaustion of nursing during pregnancy simply too demanding. This is NOT wrong. A gentle loving weaning with LOTS of attention substituted for the former nursing can work out just fine for all.

    If you do choose to nurse during a pregnancy and beyond, I would like to suggest that you talk to others who have done so. They can be a great source of information and support.

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