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    Sucking is indispensable for both psychological and physiological development of new born baby and plays an important role is ensuring that all the structure involved in chewing, speaking and swallowing develop correctly. It is very important that you should help your newborn baby choose what he will suck as soon as he is born. Tiny babies soon develop fixed habits and once they has made their choice they will stick to it for the first years of their lives. A lot has been written about the negative aspects of Thumb-Sucking. However, the thumb is always available and baby will suck it during the day and night, following his instinct and the natural need for is impossible for parents to stop their babies sucking their thumbs, while they can give them a soother during certain times of the day, such as when baby takes his nap, or take it off him when he is having a tantrum. You must deiced which kind of soother to give your baby immediately, fully aware of the fact that its shape will create a habit that will be difficult to change. Ideally, a soother should be as soft, thin and small as possible and take up a minimum amount of space in the mouth. A new drop-shaped soother, call (Chicco Drop).

    A comparative survey carried out a medical-dental center Italy has shown that (Chicco Drop). Affects the correct development of the dental arches less than any other shape of soother because it is thinner, flatter and softer. When compared with the traditional cherry-shaped and anatomical cherry-shaped and anatomical soother, (Chicco Drop). Doses not alter labial closure so much, taking less space between the tongue and the palate without disturbing the natural position mouth. As far the size of the teat is concerned, during each stage of the baby’s development you should use the smallest soother on the market. Even if normal and maxi-sized soothers are available, it is better to choose the special mini-teats for new-born that will satisfy your baby’s needs while he is growing and will affect his palate less than the larger models.


    Let Chicco’s experience be your guide. On the box of every packet of teats, feeding bottle or soother colored stripes corresponding to the baby’s age will help you choose the ideal product for each stage of growth, making sure that don’t waste your money.

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