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    This is becoming the new way to have nail enhancements done. Also called "natural nails". The ultimate goal with gel nails is to just have a gel overlay over your natural nails to help protect against splitting, peeling, chipping and cracking. The gel consists of a liquid glue and acrylic.
    Advantages over acrylics include non-yellowing, thinner than acrylics, more flexible, clear and appear more realistic.
    Basically 3 coats of gel are applied to your nail then cured by a UV light. Tips can be used to help add length. Silk or fiberglass can be added when needed for repairs or added strength. Gel nails are meant to be used for long term use. They are not advised for a "quick fix" or just for a one night thing. This type of artificial nail is much more expensive also. If you choose to remove the gel nails permanently, let a nail technician do it properly. HERE IS A GENERAL OUTLINE OF WHAT IS DONE TO APPLY GEL NAILS. (application may vary due to the products and the technician doing the application.)

    1. Remove old polish.
    2. Wash hands.
    3. Push back cuticles.
    4. Cut nail tips to desired length.
    5. File and shape tips (add tips if need be).
    6. Remove all shine from surface by using a fine grit file or buffer.
    7. Apply thin coat of primer gel and let cure.
    8. Apply a thin 1st coat of gel (avoiding cuticles). Cure under UV light for 3 minutes.
    9. Apply 2nd coat of gel (while adding arches). Cure for 2 minutes
    10. Apply 3rd coat of gel and cure for 2 minutes.
    11. Sometimes more gel coats will be needed.
    12. Take a gel cleaner or alcohol and apply to a paper towel. Gently rub off the sticky residue on each nail. If there is an excess of residue, then gel was not cured enough.
    13. If more gel is needed after using the gel cleaner you must first rebuff the nail, because the gel will not stick to a shiny surface.
    14. Once the gel had been cleaned you may begin final buffing and shaping.
    15. Wash hands
    16. Apply top coat and polish (if desired).
    17. This process should be repeated every 2-3 weeks for upkeep.

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