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All Jordanian tourist visas -whether single- or multiple-entry -are initially valid for a stay of fifteen days only. If you leave Jordan within that period, you needn't do anything. However, if you're planning to stay longer than that, you must register with the police some time before the fifteen days are up -a simple, free, five-minute procedure which, in effect, alters your status to that of "temporary resident" and simultaneously extends your visa to three months from the date of entry Although in theory you can do this at any police station, in practice it's far more likely to go smoothly in Amman than anywhere else. You'll be asked a few simple questions, your passport will be stamped, and you should hang on to any bits of paper they give you If you entered Jordan from the West Bank or Israel, and chose to keep your passport free of stamps, you must register at the Directorate of Residency and Borders in Amman If you don't register, the fine is JD l per day over the allotted fifteen, charged in full when you depart Multiple- entry visa holders must re-register each time they enter the country

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