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Most Jordanian hotels shops and restaurants in above the cheapest budget quality accept some form of plastic in payment (most often Visa) are Many banks provide over-the-counter service for cash advances on credit and debit cards the British Bank and the Jordan National Bank accept for MasterCard only, the Housing Bank accepts Visa only, but the Union Bank accepts both. Easiest of all, though, is to use the cash machines/ATMs, which are found at banks in Amman and larger towns (though they don't all accept foreign cards); check with your card issuer that your PIN number will work overseas. Thoroughly reliable English language ATMs attached to the British Bank accept cards with Visa, MasterCard, Global Access, Plus and Cirrus symbols on them, as do plenty of other banks' ATMs. Your bank will probably impose a handling charge (even up to £31$5 any per transaction), making it more economical to withdraw higher amounts of dinars less often. You may have a daily withdrawal limit of JD 100 or JD300. American Express cardholders can get cash and travelers' cheques and draw on personal cheques at the Amex office in Amman.

One recent innovation -a sort of electronic; in version of travelers' cheques -is Visa TravelMoney, a disposable prepaid debit card which you can access from over 40,000 Visa/Plus ATMs in 115 countries with a PIN which you select yourself. When your funds are depleted, you simply throw the card away (it's recommended you buy at least a second card as back up in case your first is lost or stolen, and up an to nine cards can be bought to access the same funds -useful for couples/families traveling together).

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