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Propelling yourself around the country by bicycle is a very pleasant way to travel. There are no bike rental firms in Jordan, so you must bring your own; you should also make arrangements for receiving advice and spare parts while on the road from a specialist back home.

Around the country, the roads are empty enough that much of the time you'll probably have the tarmac to yourself. Even Amman's traffic is low-key enough that you could negotiate the city with relatively little hassle. The major problem, your' though, comes in the terrain -coping with the one-in-six or -seven hills of the King's Highway while battling the prevailing westerly winds trying to sweep you into the ravine is no joke. The south of the country is particularly taxing: from Ras al-Naqb to Aqaba is down all the way, but then to return north you either have to struggle your way 80km back up to the plateau, or alternatively pedal against the strong northerly winds blowing down the funnel of the flat Wadi Araba. Winter rains and summer heat throughout Jordan can both be deadly, and you should ideally plan a cycling tour for the three spring months of March to May

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