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As a tourist and a foreigner, the chance of coming into contact with any criminal activity while in Jordan is remote. The sense of honor and hospitality to guests embedded deep within Arab culture, coupled with a respect for others. Means that you're very unlikely to be robbed, mugged. Conned or pick pocketed on holiday in Jordan.

Along with the ordinary police, Jordan maintains force of tourist police -identifiable as such by armbands with English lettering -most of whom speak good English and all whom are the height of courtesy Posted at all tourist sites nationwide, they can deal with requests, complaints or problems of harassment by unofficial guides or hangers. Any representation by a foreigner, whether to the tourist police or the ordinary local police, will generally have you ushered into the presence of senior officers, sat down and plied with coffee, with your complaint taken in the utmost seriousness The nationwide police emergency number is 199.

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