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Pharmaceutical Factories is an online database of information about Jordan's medical sector, offering buyers of medical supplies and drugs as well as patients seeking medical consultations, appointments, or knowledge, a centralized e-office from which to conduct all medical-related transactions.Med Grant Establishment, a reputable Jordanian agent, founded in July 2000. General Manager, Sana Burgan is a pharmacist by profession, having graduated in 1995 from Jordan University. is the first comprehensive website in the Arab world, that will include information about Jordan's doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and ophthalmology, optic, dental, medical, in-vitro fertilization and nursing centers, medical and dental laboratories, as well as voluntary medical associations. will be launched in phases. The above-mentioned information will be provided as a directory in phase 1 of the project. In the remaining phases, browsers will be able to find information about drugs and diseases, for the scientist and the general interest reader, also you can find information about drugstores, companies & Establishments with all the information about the products they sell. In the future, live surgical procedures as well as medical news flashes and lectures will be launched online.

Jordan has achieved international medical recognition by pioneering some major surgical procedures in the region, such as open-heart surgery and in-vitro fertilization. The medical sector has demonstrated particular progressive development through its contribution of sophisticated hospitals, care centers, medical tourism, and manufacturers.

Many patients from around the region come to Jordan for medical consultations and operations. Many regional buyers seek Jordanian pharmaceuticals and medical supplies. recognizes this fact and aims to ease the path for clients and patients by being a single window into which all medical-related issues, supplies, and practitioners can be located through one station.

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