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    The cuticle is the protective barrier for the nail root and the lunala (the white moon shaped area). Keeping a healthy well-maintained cuticle is the first step to having beautiful natural nails.
  • FIBERGLASS NAILS: These are also known as nail wraps. Fiberglass looks more real compared to acrylic, because they are thinner. There is a down side however because the thinner the wrap, the less rigid they are.
  • FUNGAL INFECTIONS: Fungal infections are more prevalent in the toe nails than those of fingernails. This may be due to the fact that toes are enclosed in hot humid 'houses" called shoes! This is a frequent breeding ground for a variety of fungi. Frequent exposure to swimming pools, hot tubs or other wet places
  • Gel Nails: This is becoming the new way to have nail enhancements done. Also called "natural nails". The ultimate goal with gel nails is to just have a gel overlay over your natural nails to help protect against splitting, peeling, chipping and cracking. The gel consists of a liquid glue and acrylic.
  • Give your nails a hand:
    Even if the people at the nail salon see you more than your husband does, your fingertips still might be needy. Does split, ridged, or slow-growing sound familiar? Experts offer their secrets for preventing

  • HAIR TODAY, GONE...: Help! My hair's falling out. Is there anything I can do?

    Yes. And don't panic. About 40 percent of women lose a little hair and gain a little forehead after they hit 40
  • IRRITATING COSMETICS: I have contact dermatitis, and when I wear makeup I get a rash. Is there anything I can do?

    Contact dermatitis, a common skin condition, is simply swelling, burning, or itching in reaction to something you’ve touched, from poison
  • PEDICURES: Follow these instructions for best result of doing Pedicures at home
  • PERMANENTLY PRIMPED: In the morning chaos of trying to get out the door on time, wouldn’t it be nice to skip the whole makeup thing and still look great? Enter cosmetic tattooing. It could save you some extra minutes (and money in the long run), and the post-procedure swelling and bruising are
  • SPOTTY FINGERNAILS: My fingernails have white spots. What are they from, and how do I avoid them?

    Not to worry. Those spots are simply your finger’s way of letting you know the nail
  • Sunburn: Sunburn is the inflammation of the skin caused by excessive exposure to sunlight
    What to look for

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